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international shipments

We are a brazilian company, located in rio de janeiro <3 we love to create pieces that translate essence and we are happy to be able to ship to some countries outside brazil.

We ship to the United States, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal. We ship via "Correios" International via standard mode, estimated delivery time: 14 to 18 business days. When placing your order, be aware that we do not carry out exchanges or returns for orders shipped outside Brazil.

attention: when placing your order, please select the paypal payment method. only through paypal will you be able to place your order, as it is an international payment platform. 

Please keep in mind that your order will be posted to the carrier within 5 working days. and then starts to count the delivery period of 14 to 18 working days.

how to make the purchase?


select 3 products

select at least 3 products. International shipments have a lot of bureaucracy and that's why we put a minimum product quantity rule so that it's advantageous for you and for us.


select PAYPAL

after placing the products in the cart, please select the payment method via PAYPAL, as this is the only payment platform on our website that accepts international payments.


wait for your gift to arrive

please do not forget to be careful when filling in your data, such as address, email, telephone, your instagram. this information is very important so that we can also contact you if we have any questions. and then just wait, you will receive a tracking code in your email after your order is posted to the carrier. just wait for the delivery time and soon your order will be in your hands! <3 thank you for choosing us!


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